Tuesday, October 31, 2017

The Incredible Art of María José MontCast

Many who have followed the Vincent Price Exhibit website as well as its Facebook page are familiar with the work of Mexican artist María José MontCast. Immediately following the celebration of Price's 100th birth anniversary in 2011, María José began contributing occasional artwork in honor of the actor, created specially for the Exhibit. Usually themed to coincide with his birthday and other occasions, María José's art is remarkable in its style. 

When I began transferring the contents of the website over to this blog format, I began to reexamine María José's artwork, appreciating it anew. It was then that I decided to highlight her generous contributions to the site, to Vincent's fans, and to Vincent himself.  I think it's important to know why an artist is inspired to create his or her unique works so I asked María José to try and put into words why she pays such tribute to Vincent Price through her art.  Happily, she has written a lovely piece about her work, her inspiration, and her feelings about Vincent Price. I am proud to present her art here, and even prouder that she chose this website to share it with.

"I’m an illustrator and a horror movie enthusiast, but unfortunate timing and logistics didn’t let me have the pleasure to grow up with Vincent Price’s work in films, television or radio. However, when I did stumble upon William Castle’s House on Haunted Hill, it made an impact on me. It was Vincent Price who ushered me into the cult classics, from horror and thrillers to drama and comedy. I got caught in the aesthetics of those films that mirrored the outlook of those times.

Aside from all that, what truly amazed me was how off the set Vincent Price was an indisputable icon, whose personality transcended the ghouls, monsters and madmen, captivating everyone with his kindness, knowledge and humor.

Just as he inspired many other people, his work motivated me to create art based on his performances. I recall a few years ago, learning a lot about ‘The Renaissance Man’ from The Vincent Price Exhibit, when there weren’t many other sources dedicated to his legacy. It was quite special for me, because it was a collection made by a connoisseur and fan for fans, and I wanted to also be part of that enthusiasm to remember Vincent Price in the way I expressed myself best.

What really encourages me when illustrating is having fun doing it, enjoying the journey from watching the film to representing part of the story in paper through certain details, references or even a dash of humor.

Each year is an opportunity to honor another one of his films and to experiment with a different technique or approach; and every time, I look forward to sharing it with fellow admirers, followers, collectors or artists and even with the people that had the opportunity to share moments in life with Vincent Price.

“One thing is certain: the arts keep you alive. They stimulate, encourage, challenge, and, most of all, guarantee a future free from boredom.” – Vincent Price.

It was an on point coincidence that Vincent was a visual minded person and hence, a noted art lover. He treasured artistic expression above many things and believed some of the greatest artwork could also be drawings, etchings and in all kinds of mediums. It only seemed fitting to honor him in a way he would have appreciated and been fond of. I think any kind of art is an everlasting way to show he will always be not only remembered, but also missed."  -  María José MontCast

Following are more of her works, created for the Vincent Price Exhibit over the past few years.

For more examples of her art, please visit http://mj-montcast.tumblr.com/

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