Friday, August 25, 2017

Richard Pryor's Family Dream: A Lost Vincent Price Role

The decidedly adult-humor-only comedian, Richard Pryor, decided to show his softer side in a film geared toward the family-film market in the late 1970's. 

December 9, 1979

And soon it was announced that Vincent Price, absent from films for nearly 4 years, would join the cast.
February 24, 1980

Price would play an alcoholic mechanic who helps Richard Pryor and Cicely Tyson fix up an old bus.
Rare photo of Vincent Price from FAMILY DREAM

A 1979 article gives a bit more information about Price's role

December 24, 1979

Sadly, it was during the making of this film that Richard Pryor suffered severe burns in a drug-related incident.  And by the time final editing took place, Vincent's character was cut from the film.
The poster for the final film...without Vincent