Friday, July 28, 2017

Vincent Price in Early St. Louis Newspapers

While growing up in his hometown of St. Louis, Missouri, Vincent Price was mentioned several times in the local press, mainly in conjunction with typical, day-to-day events.  It's kind of fun, now, to look at a few of these clippings, knowing the enormous fame and notoriety awaiting him just a few years after.

Vincent Price's boyhood home, on Forsythe Avenue, St. Louis, Missouri.

Here's a REAL treat! Perhaps the first time Vincent Price's name is mentioned as an entertainer, at age 8!  He's one of the many children participating in a tribute play to a long-time St. Louis teacher. His sister Laura Louise is also listed. You may have to download the file after clicking on it to view it adequately.  From the St. Louis Star and Times, May 27 [his birthday!], 1919.

Vincent was 12 years old when his picture appeared in the St. Louis Post-Dispatch (December 30, 1923) in relation to an archaeological dig he participated in as a scout.  And how appropriate is it that he's holding a skull?

Six years later, 17 year-old Vincent had, with a friend, opened a 'night club'! From the St. Louis Dispatch, April 11, 1929.

When Vincent's Yale Glee Club toured Europe in 1932, the St. Louis Star and Times reported it (July 21, 1932).

And on June, 1933, the St. Louis Star and Times reported the news that the college graduate, now 22, was returning home.

For an incredible view of the young Vincent Price during this period in his life, be sure to visit Peter Fuller's award-winning blog My First Trip Abroad | Vincent Price, which presents the young man's actual travel journal along with annotations and a wealth of photographs!

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