Thursday, July 27, 2017

Television Appearances: Part 1

Vincent Price did a LOT of television throughout his career.  Many of us grew up seeing him on all kinds of TV shows, sometimes several times a week.  He did everything, from comedies, dramas, musicals, and talk shows.  Here is a gallery of a few of his television appearances from the 1970s and 80s.  How many do you remember?

In the "Love and the Haunted House" segment of the weekly anthology show Love American Style [1970]

As himself, with the great Jimmy Stewart, in the 1972 episode of The Jimmy Stewart Show titled "The Price is Right."

As horror star/murder suspect Michael Bastion in the "Black Day For Bluebeard" episode of The Snoop Sisters [1974].  This reunited Price with two former costars from very early in his career, Helen Hayes and Mildred Natwick.

Happy at last in the final scene of his two-part appearance as Professor Hubert Whitehead on The Brady Bunch [1972].

Another murder suspect, film director Michael Raynor, in the 1976 episode of Ellery Queen titled "The Adventure of the Sinister Scenario."

Looks like he forgot his reading glasses for this appearance with writer Gwinn Owens on the PBS program Consumer Survival Kit [1975].

As Wendell Mordan, 'The Amazing Alonzo,' on the "Ship of Ghouls" episode of The Love Boat [1978]

With a curly perm on Dinah! with host Dinah Shore and impressionist Rich Little, 1977.

As himself, talking about world hunger, in the documentary TV show The Cry of a Hurting World...I'm Hungry! [1977]

As Professor Humperdoo, with old friend Red Skelton, in the 1981 HBO holiday special Red Skelton's Christmas Dinner.

In the top left panel, with John 'Bowzer' Bauman, in Magic With the Stars, 1982. Orson Welles was the host (center), with others, including Martin Mull.

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